Tuesday, November 17, 2009

NUS Business School Ranked 1st among all Business Schools in Asia in Eduniversal 2009 Rankings

The National University of Singapore (NUS) Business School have been ranked 1st among all Business Schools in Asia in the Eduniversal 2009 Rankings. We were also rated 25th in the Eduniversal Global Top 100 Business Schools and have been awarded five palmes, the highest category. (Please see attached Eduniversal Global Top 100 Business Schools 2009 listing)

NUS Business School was ranked the top-scoring business school in Far East Asia. This is an improvement of 2 places from last year’s ranking where we were voted third best business school in the Far East Asia region. The second and third placing goes to China Europe International Business School, China and Tsinghua University, China respectively.

The selection for Eduniversal 2009 rankings was made by a scientific committee that established a global mapping system for the criteria of universality and the international reputation of each academic institution.

Of particular importance is that the ranking was done by 308 deans worldwide. Each Dean from the universities and schools on the Eduniversal list of 1,000 best business schools vote to recommend other academic institutions. NUS Business School is one of three business schools that showed major reputation improvements among the Deans who voted. We scored 76 more deans’ references this year than in 2008.

The Eduniversal Palmes indicate the level of an academic institution's international reputation and is awarded using two criteria: the degree of internationalisation and Deans' vote. Internationalisation includes aspects such as accreditation, network of partners and participation in international academic associations

Professor Bernard Yeung, Dean and Stephen Riady Distinguished Professor of NUS Business School said, “We are pleased that NUS Business School has been voted the number one business school in Asia. This is all the more so as the selection is done by deans of business schools. We feel both humbled and honoured. Moreover, we are encouraged to work hard to be Asia’s Global Business School, imparting global knowledge with Asian insights, and providing our students with a truly unique educational experience.”

More information on the Eduniversal ranking can be found at http://www.universityworldnews.com/index.php?page=Top_1000_BusSchools_2009

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Synergy of Three Prominent Business Schools

Asia’s rapid development results in an increase in the complexity of doing business in a region with substantial economic, business, cultural, institutional and socio-political differences.

Sharing a vision of global competitiveness, three of Asia’s prominent business schools established the S3 Asia MBA program for meeting the need in today’s global business education.

S3 Asia MBA is the only tri-country and tri-university collaborative double degree program. The students are able to leverage on the strengths of 3 universities – the deep understanding of Asian economies; the global standard of MBA education, the faculty team trained from top business schools around the world and global networks. Its Asia-specialized curriculum will facilitate the students to be the true future global leaders with expertise in Asian business context.

In addition, the students start their first semester in Shanghai and spend their second semester in Seoul, and finish the last semester in Singapore. This unique structure of the program exposes the students to different cultures and lifestyles. Having 2/3 of the classmates from different countries with various educational and professional backgrounds require the student to engage in teamwork and increase their cultural awareness.

Looking back at my experience as the program manager, S3 Asia MBA has faced new challenges and more complexities than any other collaborative programs due to the uniqueness of its structure. Thus, one of the most critical points in its management is to identify challenges and find solutions, so the program progresses favorably for the students.

School administration is definitely a unique experience for me because I work with people full of passion and commitment and be part of their personal growth. Throughout the journey, we learned to cherish the differences and by giving. Their enthusiasm and diversity made the experience even more rewarding.

I hope for great success and an ever-bight future for the S3 Asia MBA students.

Contributed by Ms. Bina Ok, Program Manager, Korea University Business School