Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Journey...

This video was created specially for the closing dinner of the first cohort on Dec 2, 2009 in Singapore. The family consists of 31 members representing 6 nationalities. Our unity and affection for each other have been the cause of envy in each of the three universities we studied in. We spent an awesome 463 days - living, studying, playing, traveling and, of course, partying together!

The first part of the video talks of the things we did to overcome all our apprehensions before embarking on the journey - new countries, new cultures and most of all new people! But, we did survive!

The second part introduces the family members that had the time of their lives!

Lets see what makes the pioneering batch of the S3 Asia MBA so special and unique...!

Memories - Vivid...Timeless...

My desire to be part of the yearbook publishing team was simple – to give the best graduation gift to the 30 most beautiful people I have met. A gift that would allow each S3 Asian to preserve the days we have lived together not as classmates but as a family.

Someone rightly said that a picture speaks a thousand words. Then imagine what happens when u have thousands of pictures speaking a million words! Each picture was special, as it conveyed a certain aspect of the life we’ve shared so far! But I hope that the few hundred pictures that we finally printed give a glimpse of our very own Asia MBA experience – an insight into the unlimited memories we have gathered over the past 15 months.

As we move on, from being one single family to becoming individuals moving forward to pursue our own dreams and aspirations, I wish all my dear classmates the very best! You guys deserve each and every bit of your future success. And when you think of your MBA days, I hope that those vivid and timeless memories are sitting right on top of your bookshelf!

- Contributed by Pragnya Kashinath, Class of 2010