Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Journey...

This video was created specially for the closing dinner of the first cohort on Dec 2, 2009 in Singapore. The family consists of 31 members representing 6 nationalities. Our unity and affection for each other have been the cause of envy in each of the three universities we studied in. We spent an awesome 463 days - living, studying, playing, traveling and, of course, partying together!

The first part of the video talks of the things we did to overcome all our apprehensions before embarking on the journey - new countries, new cultures and most of all new people! But, we did survive!

The second part introduces the family members that had the time of their lives!

Lets see what makes the pioneering batch of the S3 Asia MBA so special and unique...!

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  1. Guys I am really glad to have found a blog by S3 Asia MBA guys and importantly to see a few Indians alumni..

    I too wish to do my MBA through S3 Asia. I have been working in Seoul from the past 1 yr and now heading back home to prepare for GMAT and concentrate on studies fulltime. Guys I need to get in touch with the S3 Asia Mba Alumni from India to guide me in my journey so I can be asking questions...

    Please do drop me a line: