Wednesday, June 29, 2011

All the more reason

People get bombarded with a lot of questions when they aspire to do an MBA. I worked on choosing a college for 1 year before I landed up with one. MBA has become a fashion and a trend. The market now seems to catch up with the demand, with loads of choices. With so many choices one could easily get baffled. It did happen to me when I decided I wanted to be there within a year. The first step to doing an MBA is to write GMAT without pondering too much about the college. A score above 650 will help you survive and a score above 700 will help you get better. Once the scores are handy, then think about the colleges in terms of location, ranking (tells you about faculty, prestige), fees, duration, specialization, job prospects and culture. When you do so, these are the reasons for which NUS Dual degree S3 Asia MBA is recommended.

One can witness a transitional change in perspectives of a person as he or she spends considerable time on this program. This change in perspective arises because you just don’t get to visit three top Asian cities but you live as one of them. The insights you get on the cultures of different Asian companies has so far been incomparable. As you complete your term in Shanghai you get to understand the lives of Chinese so well that undeniably for doing business with them you will make a best fit. The best days of the program are those of orientation and field trip.

MBA Orientation is usually arranged with the fulltime MBA programs of the respective colleges and all the three colleges being top notch in the countries get the best students, so you get to see the best managers in town and spend good time with them. The classes are well structured and you are given the best case studies as group assignments, which teach you a lot. The faculties usually have on average 15-20 years of experience teaching with considerable experience on western countries. By listening to them, you gain a lot of knowledge on the international business and its intricacies. The days as we see it has only been getting better and better with time. Each university offers you a unique experience and provides a great forum for learning and networking.

The universities have a pretty good tie-up with the companies because of which you get to visit the best Asian companies and study them. In terms of placements, all the three universities have their own CDO, which acts as a liaison between the companies and the students. It would be early for me to comment on the placements of these colleges but I can see that they have the potential to get us on the right track. The last semester you can choose your own electives to concentrate your studies on a particular field. The fee for this program is far lesser when compared to the western schools and ROI is appreciable. The pay back as we calculated is less than 2 years and NPV is a total surprise that which you can take for granted now. At the completion of this program, you can be assured to see a sign of increased confidence in you to deal with the business challenges. Conclusively one can see this as a gateway to the business world.

Ranjani (Indian)
S3 Asia MBA - 3rd Batch, Class of 2012