Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Journey...

This video was created specially for the closing dinner of the first cohort on Dec 2, 2009 in Singapore. The family consists of 31 members representing 6 nationalities. Our unity and affection for each other have been the cause of envy in each of the three universities we studied in. We spent an awesome 463 days - living, studying, playing, traveling and, of course, partying together!

The first part of the video talks of the things we did to overcome all our apprehensions before embarking on the journey - new countries, new cultures and most of all new people! But, we did survive!

The second part introduces the family members that had the time of their lives!

Lets see what makes the pioneering batch of the S3 Asia MBA so special and unique...!

Memories - Vivid...Timeless...

My desire to be part of the yearbook publishing team was simple – to give the best graduation gift to the 30 most beautiful people I have met. A gift that would allow each S3 Asian to preserve the days we have lived together not as classmates but as a family.

Someone rightly said that a picture speaks a thousand words. Then imagine what happens when u have thousands of pictures speaking a million words! Each picture was special, as it conveyed a certain aspect of the life we’ve shared so far! But I hope that the few hundred pictures that we finally printed give a glimpse of our very own Asia MBA experience – an insight into the unlimited memories we have gathered over the past 15 months.

As we move on, from being one single family to becoming individuals moving forward to pursue our own dreams and aspirations, I wish all my dear classmates the very best! You guys deserve each and every bit of your future success. And when you think of your MBA days, I hope that those vivid and timeless memories are sitting right on top of your bookshelf!

- Contributed by Pragnya Kashinath, Class of 2010

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

NUS Business School Ranked 1st among all Business Schools in Asia in Eduniversal 2009 Rankings

The National University of Singapore (NUS) Business School have been ranked 1st among all Business Schools in Asia in the Eduniversal 2009 Rankings. We were also rated 25th in the Eduniversal Global Top 100 Business Schools and have been awarded five palmes, the highest category. (Please see attached Eduniversal Global Top 100 Business Schools 2009 listing)

NUS Business School was ranked the top-scoring business school in Far East Asia. This is an improvement of 2 places from last year’s ranking where we were voted third best business school in the Far East Asia region. The second and third placing goes to China Europe International Business School, China and Tsinghua University, China respectively.

The selection for Eduniversal 2009 rankings was made by a scientific committee that established a global mapping system for the criteria of universality and the international reputation of each academic institution.

Of particular importance is that the ranking was done by 308 deans worldwide. Each Dean from the universities and schools on the Eduniversal list of 1,000 best business schools vote to recommend other academic institutions. NUS Business School is one of three business schools that showed major reputation improvements among the Deans who voted. We scored 76 more deans’ references this year than in 2008.

The Eduniversal Palmes indicate the level of an academic institution's international reputation and is awarded using two criteria: the degree of internationalisation and Deans' vote. Internationalisation includes aspects such as accreditation, network of partners and participation in international academic associations

Professor Bernard Yeung, Dean and Stephen Riady Distinguished Professor of NUS Business School said, “We are pleased that NUS Business School has been voted the number one business school in Asia. This is all the more so as the selection is done by deans of business schools. We feel both humbled and honoured. Moreover, we are encouraged to work hard to be Asia’s Global Business School, imparting global knowledge with Asian insights, and providing our students with a truly unique educational experience.”

More information on the Eduniversal ranking can be found at

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Synergy of Three Prominent Business Schools

Asia’s rapid development results in an increase in the complexity of doing business in a region with substantial economic, business, cultural, institutional and socio-political differences.

Sharing a vision of global competitiveness, three of Asia’s prominent business schools established the S3 Asia MBA program for meeting the need in today’s global business education.

S3 Asia MBA is the only tri-country and tri-university collaborative double degree program. The students are able to leverage on the strengths of 3 universities – the deep understanding of Asian economies; the global standard of MBA education, the faculty team trained from top business schools around the world and global networks. Its Asia-specialized curriculum will facilitate the students to be the true future global leaders with expertise in Asian business context.

In addition, the students start their first semester in Shanghai and spend their second semester in Seoul, and finish the last semester in Singapore. This unique structure of the program exposes the students to different cultures and lifestyles. Having 2/3 of the classmates from different countries with various educational and professional backgrounds require the student to engage in teamwork and increase their cultural awareness.

Looking back at my experience as the program manager, S3 Asia MBA has faced new challenges and more complexities than any other collaborative programs due to the uniqueness of its structure. Thus, one of the most critical points in its management is to identify challenges and find solutions, so the program progresses favorably for the students.

School administration is definitely a unique experience for me because I work with people full of passion and commitment and be part of their personal growth. Throughout the journey, we learned to cherish the differences and by giving. Their enthusiasm and diversity made the experience even more rewarding.

I hope for great success and an ever-bight future for the S3 Asia MBA students.

Contributed by Ms. Bina Ok, Program Manager, Korea University Business School

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Korea University ranks no.1 for three consecutive years in the BK21 MBA Evaluation

= Receives Excellent Grades in the Globalization, Curriculum and Research category=

The excellence of Korea University MBA has been proven again. The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology recently announced that the MBA program at Korea University ranked 1st place for three consecutive years (06~08) in the ‘Brain Korea (BK) 21’ 2nd year evaluation (2008) of MBA programs. The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology stated “KUBS MBA ranked no.1 in the 2nd stage of the 2nd year of BK21 evaluation which was carried out on 567 project teams at 73 universities. The following is an article by the Chosun Daily Newspaper.

Excellent Scores in Globalization and Research…

Korea University ranks 1st place for three consecutive years.

BK 21 Business Management Services Sector

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology recently announced that Korea University’s MBA program ranked 1st place in the 2nd year (2008) Brain Korea (BK) 21 Business Management Services Evaluation for three consecutive years since 2006.

In the 2nd stage of the 2nd year of BK21 evaluation which was carried out on 567 project teams at 73 universities KUBS MBA ranked number 1 in the field of MBA, followed by Seoul National University (2nd place), Yonsei University (3rd place) and Sungkyunkwan University (4th place).

The evaluation was conducted by identifying and comparing project teams with the lowest scores based on project performance from March, 2006 to February, 2008 and project plans for the next four years with teams that had newly applied for projects. KU MBA ranked among the top in most categories but in particular received excellent scores in areas of globalization, curriculum, research and matching funds etc.

KU MBA operates a program that aims to foster global business professionals. The school was first in Korea to be accredited by both the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) and the European Quality Improvement System (EQIUS) and is recognized for its global standard education program. KUBS offers Korea MBA- founded in 1963 as Korea’s first MBA program, Executive MBA - a highly intensive course for business executives, MIBA - focusing on fostering foreign direct investment experts and the Global MBA program - the first daytime 1-year program in Korea where over 30% of the students are from abroad.

It also runs Finance MBA which is Korea’s first 1-year MBA program specializing in finance. The S³ Asia MBA, a dual-degree program, is jointly operated by Fudan University (Fudan), Korea University (KU) and National University of Singapore (NUS). The program which is receiving attention focuses on fostering economic and business management experts in Asia. The daytime MBA courses such as Global MBA, Finance MBA and S³ Asia MBA are now in the process of receiving applicants for the second half of 2009. Application deadline is May 1st and can only be done online (

KU MBA also offers international residence programs that allow students to visit prestigious schools in other parts of Asia, U.S and Europe for a period of 6-7 weeks. Some of the schools include the Wharton School, Chicago GSB and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

A school official explained KU MBA is sparing no effort in realizing globalization through exchange programs with prominent schools in other countries as well as offering a dual-degree program with the Ohio State University in the US. Each program provides customized and specialized programs that meet the demands of students. Also the employment rate and class satisfaction of the graduates are at the very top.

Chosun Daily Newspaper February 19th 2009

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Rise of Asia and 'the' MBA For It.

The Asian Century is defined as the belief that, if certain demographic and economic trends persist, the 21st century will be dominated by Asian politics and culture. Today, economists and politicians alike have seen that we are indeed living in the Asian century. With the growth of China, India and Southeast Asia, multinationals are now moving their operations more into the region, while focusing on capturing the growing Asian markets to ensure competitive advantage.

For potential leaders who are searching for a career in dynamic Asia, or wishes to work in a multinational company handling Asian operations, it is crucial to know of the history, business operations and unspoken ethics of the region. Passing a namecard using two hands, how to develop guanxi in China, and the power of the chaebols in Korea are just some of the critical idiosyncrasies of doing business in the region.

With the S3 Asia MBA programme, students will be able to triple their MBA experience, triple their networks, and triple their opportunities within the Asian region. Some of the key differentiators of S3 Asia MBA’s curriculum compared to other MBA programmes globally include modules such as:

1. Asia Pacific Business

2. Doing Business in Korea and Japan

3. Doing Business in China

4. Capital Markets and Corporate Governance in Asia

5. Business Ethics in Asian Companies

6. Asian Business Insights I, II, and III (Field trips to top companies in Shanghai, Seoul and Singapore)

With a comprehensive curriculum designed to offer a rigorous look on Asian business, S3 Asia MBA students get a distinct advantage of learning hands on how the region works. Aside from the solid curriculum, students also get to be part of a completely international campus within the 3 universities, as they move from one country to the next in each semester. By completely immersing in 3 of Asia’s economic powerhouses – imagine the networks and ties formed which are crucial in post-MBA careers.

Asia’s growth is definitely undeniable. Set yourself apart from the rest by being a true expert in Asian business.

Visit and learn more about the programme today!

Contributed by Richard Rubnan Que, The NUS MBA - Class of 2010 / Marketing and Admissions Manager - The NUS MBA

Saturday, October 10, 2009

S3 Asia MBA를 시작한지 벌써 1년이 지나고 3학기 중간을 지난 지금 드는 생각..

탁월한 선택이었다고 생각한다.

먼저 기존에 널리 알려진 미국의 일류 MBA의 장점을 생각해보면.. 여러 분야에서의 다양한 경험을 가진 100~200명의 동기생의 볼륨. 졸업 후의 깔끔한 연봉 상승률 & 강력한 동기 네트워크.. 정도?
조금 더 면밀히 살펴보면.. (지극히 주관적인 생각임을 미리 밝힘)보통 MBAer들의 평균 직장경력이 4~7년정도일 것인데.. 이 정도는 어느 MBA과정이나 비슷할 것이라 생각한다.두번째.. 네트워크 측면에서.. 과연 내가 1~2년 안에 몇명이나 나의 진정한 네트웍으로 끌어안을 수 있을까? 같은 학교 졸업생이면 별 관계가 없어도 네트웍으로 할 수 있다는 지극히 한국적인 사고방식은 통하지 않을 것이다. 많아봐야.. 20~30명일 것이다.

연봉 상승률.. 요즘 미국 MBAer중 미국인 너그러이 더 고려해서 유럽인(서)까지는 그런대로 직장구하는 것이 어렵지는 않을 것이지만.. 아시아인은 여전히.. Second-Tier인 것이다.그리고.. 쉽게 말해서.. 1~1년 MBA공부하면 그 사람 능력이 연봉상승률만큼 두배 혹은 세배로 뛰어오르는가? 스스로 알 것이다.


이 시점에서 S3 Asia MBA 얘기를 해보자.원 계획은 Class Size를 60명으로 하는 것이었지만 내실을 다져야한다는 학교들(고려대, 싱가폴 국립대, 복단대)의 의견조율에 따라 현재 30명으로 엄선운영되고 있다. 30명? 작은 볼륨인만큼 경쟁이 엄청 치열하다. 그런 경쟁속에 서로 견인하는 효과를 내고 있다.

하지만 30명이 다가 아니다. 복단대, 고려대, 싱가폴 국립대를 다니며 엄청난 네트웍의 숫자를 가질 수 있다. 오히려 각 학교에서 머무는 시간이 짧은만큼.. Intensive하게 네트웍을 다지게 된다.

연봉상승률.. 올해 말에 졸업생이 배출되기 때문에 섣불리 말하기는 어렵다. 하지만 Facts를 봤을 때 아시아 경제의 상승과 아시아 경제 전문가의 수요등의 요인이 전망을 밝게 하고 있다. 단, 조건이 있다. 영어 + 중국어의 조합이 필요하다는 것이다.마지막으로 다양한 경험이다. MBA에 온 목적이 무엇인가? 공부하러 왔는가? 물론 공부해야 한다. 하지만 다양한 현장경험과 문화적 차이를 더 경험 할 수 있다면 더할 나위 없는 것 아닌가? 중국-상해, 한국-서울, 싱가폴을 한 클래스 전체가 같이 경험하며 서로간의 Insights를 공유하고 서로 적응해가는 커리큘럼이야 말로 지금까지 시도된 바 없고 가치있는 것이라 생각한다.

S3 Asian이라는 말로 시작했는데..

개인적으로는 이런 과정을 통해 아시아 경제에 대한 전문가가 많이 나올 수 있었으면 좋겠다. 무엇이 아시아 경제 전문가인가?각 나라의 독특한 경제상황과 문화적인 요인들에 대한 노출이 많은 사람이 전문가일 것이다.

MBA에 온 목적을 다시한번 고찰해보자..

Contributed by Lee Dae Young, Class of 2010.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

写在S3 Asia一周年生日之际

Contributed by Qin Qin



每天睁开眼天已经不早了,上海的早晨骑辆自行车,到路边小店买些面包牛奶,一路冲入教室,呼呼,九点刚刚好!不过呢,后面总有几位同学在教授的讲课声中应声而来,行注目礼,点头微笑,入座。首尔的早晨更妙,边往宿舍楼外冲边算着学校shuttle bus的时间,远远的看见开过来了,前面的同学使劲叫加油加油,后面的一路小跑冲进去,踉踉跄跄坐下来,又赶上了,哈!开心!对了,shuttle bus九点以后才有,十点的课才有的坐,九点的课,只能顺着同学们开发的小山路颠颠的自己跑下山了,十分钟足矣。新加坡早上没课,所以早起这件痛苦的事免掉了,只不过,住处离学校的距离就不能用分钟衡量了,大概要按小时算,因为,虽然实际地理距离并不算远,可等公交实在令人心焦,165转151转shuttle bus,司机大叔一高兴,中间半小时没有一班,没辙,等!


同学们上课参与的风格也各不相同,印度同学最活跃,这个是必然,语言优势加性格特点,英语不管口音怎样都是他们的母语,再加上性格外向喜欢辩论,上课他们的声音回响频率最高,不过这也带动课堂气氛灵活而热烈。其他同学,中国,韩国,美国,新加坡也都有很大程度的参与。值得开心的是,中国同学的课堂积极性日渐增强,管他Chinglish, 管他说法是不是地道,想说就说,说了总比不说好,再说了好的都是练出来的,说!

下课以后,最大的正式活动就属case study。 最牛的一次经历是,在韩国,我们一组五六号人,连着两个周末四天时间一天十多小时一起呆在教室讨论,找资论,做PPT,写报告。有争执也有理解,各有想法也互相尊重,累并快乐着!更重要的是取人之长补己之短,理解别人的思维方式,思考了,进步了,这不就是MBA吗?

非正式活动,那可太多了,各种形式的party,应有尽有。有印度同学在上海复旦光华楼前,月亮不出来他们不出现,专司喝酒娱乐的小团队luka Gang;有中国同学在韩国因为太想念中国菜,而自发形成的专司做菜享受生活,每周五定时举行的eating party;来到新加坡,有一群swimming team,有BBQ party。还有各种名目的酒吧聚会,蹦迪,K歌等等。

在韩国,首尔的各种景点和好玩的项目当然不能少。Lotte World紧张刺激;Hello! Seoul Festival各个宫殿喜气洋洋,各种庆典持续一周,韩国政府和人民对历史的保护令人肃然起敬;Rice Cake Museum让我们看到这小食物中的大学问;Cooking Nanta乱打的新演绎,这座城市的欢快尽现在每一处小小的生活片段里。济州岛之行,是我们在韩国的亮点,如诗如画的美景,热情周到的导游大叔,叽叽喳喳围着中国帅哥拍照的小姑娘们,这一切令济州这个饶有情趣的小岛更加生动鲜活,伴随着年轻的我们永远定格在记忆中。

新加坡的生活正在继续,花园城市美不胜收,圣淘沙温暖的海水足以让我们爱上这里。热闹的国庆将各种肤色各种语言的人们聚集在一起,尽享狮城的繁华与激情。接下来的recess week大家的出行计划已一一出炉,更多故事更多精彩也即将上映。不知道吴哥窟将用怎样的美与力量将我们震撼,已经等不急要进行一次精神的盛宴了。

我们的S3 Asia永远有新的故事,我们的故事讲也讲不完。从去年复旦相聚的那天起,我们就注定成为一家人,这家人的生活永远联系在一起,无论身处何方,无论相距多远,我们的故事都将在彼此的生活中快乐的流传下去。

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Journey's End!

It is indeed hard to believe that I am making this final entry with a sudden tinge of sadness as my S3 Asia MBA journey is soon coming to an end this December. At one moment we were having regular get-togethers and traveling to nearby countries and the next moment all our priorities have now shifted to securing jobs since this is the last semester in our unique MBA journey. I miss the lengthy and tiring journeys on bicycle from our Fudan School of Management Campus back to our dormitories and the beautiful campus of Korea University. The experience of winter in Seoul and Shanghai was really cold and yet amazing compared to Singapore, where we are blessed with eternal summer all year round.

I must say that life has changed for me since I started this unique MBA program. It created an opportunity for me to meet people from all over the globe and also to study in three different universities: Fudan (Shanghai), KUBS (Seoul) and NUS (Singapore). Moreover, I have made an immense number of friends through various inter-school activities and outings. I've had the opportunity to study, work and play with the most extraordinary group of diverse, talented, intelligent, humorous and most importantly well-rounded individuals. The relationships that I have formed are the most valuable thing I will take away from this S3 Asia MBA program which I consider more important than any other academic pursuit.

The culture at each of these three different universities was unique and gave me an insight into how nations behave, think and work. We overcame differences in language and cultural norms in order to interact and form deep relationships. The numerous intercultural exchanges enabled me to gain a deep insight into the workings of businesses and people in the cities of Shanghai and Seoul. I also had the amazing opportunity to do my internship with SK Energy in Ulsan, South Korea. All these opportunities enabled me to grow, understand people better and gain a valuable perspective of life out of Singapore.

For the last one year, I have had the opportunity to meet and network with business leaders during our MBA field trips and have had the opportunity to travel to cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macau while I was studying in Shanghai, China. From Seoul in South Korea, I traveled to the cities of Busan, Daegu and Ulsan. In Singapore, I also got to do things that I never expected to do such as participating in Outward Bound School as part of our orientation at NUS Business School and which I thoroughly enjoyed very much.

I was right from the start. S3 Asia MBA has given me the edge, experiences and knowledge that I really needed in order to sharpen my skills, personality and business acumen. From the moment, I first set foot on the Fudan campus in August 2008 during the inaugural launch of this program, I was changed for the better. I have learnt more during the past one year than I could have in a decade. I genuinely and completely miss the people and the universities where I studied. On this journey, I have forged a number of genuine friendships and had the company of a group of people dedicated to enjoying all of life in a well-rounded manner. This journey has been long and arduous and yet meaningful and memorable. These experiences will remain in my memory forever.

Contributed by Thiruvarsu Damodharan, Class of 2010.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009



一年前的今天,我从很多人都为之羡慕的工作岗位上辞职,领导的挽留,朋友的劝说,女朋友的支持,在那时如同烟雾一般弥漫在我的周围。但是我没有丝毫的彷徨,因为我已经做出了决定,所以只有向前看,没有退路。当时我不断跟自己说:“给自己两年的时间,你要改变,彻底的改变,虽然并不知道前面等待着你的是什么,但是如果不尝试,你永远也体会不到。Try your best, chase the dream!”





(第二篇 复旦篇 is coming soon! )

Contributed by He Zhengwei, Class of 2010.



Contributed by Chen Ming (Rolina), Class of 2010.

Lessons from without the cube – Perspective

Ask my friends what my favorite word is. If they tell you “Perspective”, it is likely they have been subject to my torturous ranting more than once. It is a word that I hold close to my heart and my stint with this class has only brought it closer. So what about perspective?

If you are going into this MBA looking forward to learn business concepts, make friends and go places, good for you. But you know what would make it all worthless: If you go into this program with a closed mind and a chauvinistic attitude.

Over the course of your study, you will come across a myriad of people with very many opinions. Sometimes these opinions will conflict with your own. And how much you learn from this course will depend on how you handle these conflicts. I will talk about conflicts in another post but for now, it would suffice to say that in a bigger frame, conflicts are irrelevant.

Let us now flip this perspective. You will also come across people who will make you feel uncomfortable about beliefs that are close to your heart. Again, the future course of your life will depend on how you handle these encounters. If you spend a lot of time in another country, the peer pressure to conform to their way of things can be great. You are probably there to learn about them and not to become one of them. However, this said, there is nothing wrong if you choose to become one of them. Just remember to make a conscious choice and not succumb to the pressure.

The following quote has been the guiding force for me for quite a long time now. Hope it can help you get where you want to go.

“If you had been born where they were born, if you had been taught what they were taught and if you had been where they were, you would have believed what they believed.”

Aham Brahmasmi

Contributed by Govind Pandey (, Class of 2010




很多人问我,S3对你意味着什么。是一场华丽的冒险,还是一次惬意的旅途。我说,都是,也都不是。 一年前的今天,当我重回复旦课堂的时候,坦诚地说,更多的是忐忑。4年的工作经验之后,我很清楚,这两年的学习,不是涂脂上粉,不是旅途驿站,而是另一个战场,另一段征程,是厚积薄发的“厚积”,更演绎着“薄发”的序曲。




如果不是因为选择了S3,我可能永远不会如此深切地感受到文化差异不仅仅只是一个名词,它如此深远地影响着我们做事的方法和态度,告诉我们在MNC里如何保持相互理解和心态平衡;如果不是因为选择了S3,我不可能对自己的梦想做出切实的考量和评估,明白调整改变不是放弃,而是为了更踏实地走更远的路; 如果不是因为选择了S3,我们更不可能在这么短的时间内就积累起兄弟姐妹般的情谊:我永远都不会忘记在独自一人在SK培训中心实习的那段时间,大方善良的秦芹如何和我分享小小蜗居,让每个周末都成了我快乐的节日;我不会忘记终于结束实习,拖着大箱行李从京畿道回首尔的深夜,是David横穿首尔到地铁站接我;我也不会忘记如果为我一次次纠正语法,指出我每一个错误,会主动帮我寻找资料,提高英语的印度同学……是的,我不会忘记你们对我的每一次鼓励和微笑。

Walk alone, you go faster, walk together, you go farther. 我不是一个善于说感谢的人,可是这些都会永远放在我的心里,成为我最宝贵的回忆。


生日快乐,S3 Asia MBA!

Contributed by Yan Shi (Jackie), Class of 2010

Happy Birthday, S3 Asia MBA!

While the second cohort starts its orientation ceremony today in Shanghai, the first cohort celebrates the program's First Birthday in Singapore!!

Exactly a year back, we stepped into the classroom for the first time of our MBA lives! We couldn't have asked for a better start - than a '12 day crash course' in Financial Accounting, taught by one of the best and the coolest  Professors till date - Prof. Yoo Yong Keun, who had travelled especially from Seoul to Shanghai for those 2 weeks.

Though I can't believe its been a year already, this has to be one of the best times of my life - a time well spent, in and out of the class - and has given me experiences and friendships that I shall cherish at least for a life time!

Here's wishing you a very Happy Birthday, S3 Asia MBA!

Contributed by Abhinav Charan, Class of 2010.

The year that simply flew by!

So where do I begin? A year has zipped past, and I know nothing of it! And yet, its this past year, when I saw life come alive. If this is a bit too philosophical, then allow me to explain :).

31 curious souls had taken a step that not many would dare (in fact many didn't dare and gave up on their choice). But these 31 stuck to their guns. None of us knew what to expect out of this program and were all skeptical to begin with. Some of us were even worried (the pangs of the global recession had hit us by then). But the die had been cast, the wheels were in motion, and there was no going back. And we did the only thing that seemed right to us at that time, we just jumped in!

The semester started with a big bang. Accounting in 10 days! Sounds like some learn-it-yourself kind of book picked up from the shelf :). But no, this is precisely what we did in our first 15 days in Shanghai, learned accounting. Things tempered down subsequently, at least on the studies front, only to be taken over by parties and night outs and lots of fun. The lukhha trips to Guanghua-lu in the night (the lukhha club can add a lot of details to this part, as I was not a member of it :)), the week long trip to Beijing during National holidays, weekend trip to Suzhou (I will never forget the orange farms of Suzhou, never eaten so many oranges in my life before!), field trip to Hangzhou, and so many class and team get togethers that I cant seem to remember any of them now! And all this happened while we pretended to study and work hard in our MBA...

4 months in Shanghai had gone by, and suddenly, it was time to move on... Some of us stayed on  looking for internships, some of us went back home to reminisce on our memories, others went on a hike into the himalayas :), perhaps an indication of how truly diverse people are and how much life has to offer to each one of us.

I hope by now you guys have an idea of how life can come alive. This is only the beginnig, I haven't even started talking about Seoul yet, and I still don't feel that I have talked enough about Shanghai! But got to end this here before it gets too entwined and tangled. Thats it for now folks. Cya soon
with another entry in the near future!


Contributed by Avinash Muthuswamy, Class of 2010


Welcome to the official blog of the ‘S3 Asia MBA’ double degree MBA programme – an unique, exciting programme that is the outcome of an alliance between three universities – the National University of Singapore, Fudan University and Korea University. This programme gives the students an opportunity to spend one semester in each of these dynamic countries.

Through this blog, the 'S3 Asians' would like to share their experiences of doing an MBA in three locations Shanghai, Seoul and Singapore! Also, the blog is going to be multi-lingual with posts in Chinese, English and Korean to be able to truly capture the essence of each of these cultures...!

Request you to closely watch this space to learn more about the program and its students!