Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Rise of Asia and 'the' MBA For It.

The Asian Century is defined as the belief that, if certain demographic and economic trends persist, the 21st century will be dominated by Asian politics and culture. Today, economists and politicians alike have seen that we are indeed living in the Asian century. With the growth of China, India and Southeast Asia, multinationals are now moving their operations more into the region, while focusing on capturing the growing Asian markets to ensure competitive advantage.

For potential leaders who are searching for a career in dynamic Asia, or wishes to work in a multinational company handling Asian operations, it is crucial to know of the history, business operations and unspoken ethics of the region. Passing a namecard using two hands, how to develop guanxi in China, and the power of the chaebols in Korea are just some of the critical idiosyncrasies of doing business in the region.

With the S3 Asia MBA programme, students will be able to triple their MBA experience, triple their networks, and triple their opportunities within the Asian region. Some of the key differentiators of S3 Asia MBA’s curriculum compared to other MBA programmes globally include modules such as:

1. Asia Pacific Business

2. Doing Business in Korea and Japan

3. Doing Business in China

4. Capital Markets and Corporate Governance in Asia

5. Business Ethics in Asian Companies

6. Asian Business Insights I, II, and III (Field trips to top companies in Shanghai, Seoul and Singapore)

With a comprehensive curriculum designed to offer a rigorous look on Asian business, S3 Asia MBA students get a distinct advantage of learning hands on how the region works. Aside from the solid curriculum, students also get to be part of a completely international campus within the 3 universities, as they move from one country to the next in each semester. By completely immersing in 3 of Asia’s economic powerhouses – imagine the networks and ties formed which are crucial in post-MBA careers.

Asia’s growth is definitely undeniable. Set yourself apart from the rest by being a true expert in Asian business.

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Contributed by Richard Rubnan Que, The NUS MBA - Class of 2010 / Marketing and Admissions Manager - The NUS MBA

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