Thursday, February 23, 2012

Post Fudan Semester

In the blink of an eye, the four and a half months spent in Fudan School of Management has passed. With that, the first semester of the Asia S3 MBA Program has been completed. While I wait for the next phase of my study in Seoul, I looked back and recalled the memories of the past semester.

The Fudan semester was definitely ‘S3’ by my definition: Seeing, Studying and Savoring. I see things that I would not see back in my home country, Singapore. I study subjects which were utterly foreign to me prior to this course. And I savor the sights and sounds that Shanghai has to offer for a foreigner such as myself. My Indian, Chinese and Korean have changed me in subtle ways, due to my daily interactions with them. From them, I learnt things and in return, I offer mine for them to learn. Being one of two Singaporeans in this course has its perks: you are ‘forced’ to get out of socializing with Singaporeans and in the process learn how to interact with other nationalities. Friendships are formed, mindsets are changed and perceptions are rectified, which are, in my opinion, more important than just getting good grades.

Currently, I am interning in the finance department of a public-listed real estate firm based in Shanghai. This is also another unique appeal of an overseas study program, the ability to work overseas and experience their work culture, learn about their operations and enrich myself both professionally and personally.

With such a fantastic first semester, I eagerly await the next semester in Seoul.

Edwin Kheng (Singaporean)
Class of 2013