Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The year that simply flew by!

So where do I begin? A year has zipped past, and I know nothing of it! And yet, its this past year, when I saw life come alive. If this is a bit too philosophical, then allow me to explain :).

31 curious souls had taken a step that not many would dare (in fact many didn't dare and gave up on their choice). But these 31 stuck to their guns. None of us knew what to expect out of this program and were all skeptical to begin with. Some of us were even worried (the pangs of the global recession had hit us by then). But the die had been cast, the wheels were in motion, and there was no going back. And we did the only thing that seemed right to us at that time, we just jumped in!

The semester started with a big bang. Accounting in 10 days! Sounds like some learn-it-yourself kind of book picked up from the shelf :). But no, this is precisely what we did in our first 15 days in Shanghai, learned accounting. Things tempered down subsequently, at least on the studies front, only to be taken over by parties and night outs and lots of fun. The lukhha trips to Guanghua-lu in the night (the lukhha club can add a lot of details to this part, as I was not a member of it :)), the week long trip to Beijing during National holidays, weekend trip to Suzhou (I will never forget the orange farms of Suzhou, never eaten so many oranges in my life before!), field trip to Hangzhou, and so many class and team get togethers that I cant seem to remember any of them now! And all this happened while we pretended to study and work hard in our MBA...

4 months in Shanghai had gone by, and suddenly, it was time to move on... Some of us stayed on  looking for internships, some of us went back home to reminisce on our memories, others went on a hike into the himalayas :), perhaps an indication of how truly diverse people are and how much life has to offer to each one of us.

I hope by now you guys have an idea of how life can come alive. This is only the beginnig, I haven't even started talking about Seoul yet, and I still don't feel that I have talked enough about Shanghai! But got to end this here before it gets too entwined and tangled. Thats it for now folks. Cya soon
with another entry in the near future!


Contributed by Avinash Muthuswamy, Class of 2010

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